Our Taxi application allows customers and drivers to send and receive orders to pickup and drop simultaneously. A billing software allows both parties to know how much a trip costs, allocate drop off and pickup locations along with an operational software that distributes the load of requests to different drivers and support agents. Our fleet … Continue reading Taxi and Limo
We at Macchina Believe that it is the time for construction companies to save money. Our Machinery management application , allows to exactly monitor the hours of utilization along with the percentage of utilization of each machinery by monitoring the levers , pressure valves and rpm variations .We can also monitor the hours an operator … Continue reading Machinery and Construction
Macchina has a consolidated monitoring system that help controlling and monitoring your machinery and vehicles inside an Adnoc/Eppco Site. A special certification is needed for those companies that work with Oil and Gas fields and will allow them to gain access to their fleet management software data inside an Adnoc/Eppco site. 10 + Years of … Continue reading Oil & Gas / Mining
We are covering a wide range of solutions architectures that allows us to provide several types of solutions that will make us capable of being involved in several types of governmental operations like police , traffic and much more .We are a certified telematics company from Dubai police security office. 10 + Years of Experience … Continue reading Government Solutions