Our Taxi application allows customers and drivers to send and receive orders to pickup and drop simultaneously. A billing software allows both parties to know how much a trip costs, allocate drop off and pickup locations along with an operational software that distributes the load of requests to different drivers and support agents. Our fleet management software also boasts a value add-up to monitor the maintenance records along with registration renewals and driver leaves. Driver record and driver behavior monitoring will be a main perimeter to look at and identify good and bad drivers as well.

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Access of Google Maps
Access of Google Maps
Bureau Management
Bureau Management
Automated Alerts
Automated Alerts
License Renewal Service Interval
License Renewal/ Service Interval
Routing Management
Routing Management
Drivers Scoring System
Drivers Scoring System
Taxi Application
Exceed Customer Expectations

Making sure drivers and their cargo arrive on time requires diligent, real-time schedule coordination. Macchina can help.

Increase Productivity & reduce the cost

Getting drivers to their destinations via efficient routes helps fleets complete more trips and increase vehicle utilization. Macchina can help.


Completing trips as efficiently as possible ranks high on your priority list, but not as high as driver safety and good driving habits. Macchina can help.